In January 2020, Adobe announced the availability of its newest offering “AEM as a Cloud Service”, a new version of AEM running natively in Adobe’s cloud as a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

On Thursday, May 28th, Adobe Global Community presents “AEM as a Cloud Service” Learn from Experts – A Panel Discussion.

Moderated by:
-Barnik Maitra, AGC Board member, Tech investor, Managing Partner at Arthur D Little and former McKinsey Partner

-Lokesh Shivalingaiah, AGC Board Member.


1. Tad Reeves, Tad Reeves is an AEM Architect who has worked with the AEM / CQ platform for the last 10 years and has been involved in enterprise operations for over 20 years. As a devops engineer and architect, he’s had his hands on the AEM/CQ implementations from over 40 different companies on virtually every hosting platform, and currently heads the AEM consulting practice at ICF Next.

2. Alexander Klimetschek, Principal Scientist at Adobe, has been with Adobe and Day Software for over 12 years. He started as engineer on CQ4, and then worked on the CQ5 rewrite that is still the pillar of AEM today. After moving from Germany to San Francisco in 2013, he has been part of the AEM Assets team. Most recently, he redesigned AEM Assets to become cloud-native and scalable for AEM as a Cloud Service, and spearheaded the transition to DevOps inside AEM engineering.

3. Philipp Koch, Director of Engineering at Adobe has been with Adobe Experience Manager for 20 years. He started to work as a software developer for Day Software in 2000 and joined Adobe through the Day Software acquisition in 2010. He architected many CQ/AEM pieces including the workflow engine and early DAM prototypes on top of the JCR repository. Nowadays Philipp is heading the engineering team that is responsible for AEM Assets as a Cloud Service.