AEM Operations & Maintenance Best Practices Panel Discussion

AEM Operations & Maintenance Best Practices in Global Enterprises – A Panel Discussion between AWS, ICF Next, Rackspace & Hoodoo Digital


Anuj Ratra is a Global Tech Lead for Amazon Web Services (AWS) focusing on Adobe Applications. Anuj has spent his career learning digital transformation technologies and helping customers architect enterprise scale systems. He specializes in delivering cloud compute solutions using Adobe and AWS technologies. Prior to joining AWS, Anuj pioneered innovative digital and e-commerce/omni-channel solutions for enterprise-wide digital transformations.

Anuj Ratra, Global Tech Lead for AWS


Brad Coleman is an AEM Architect at Rackspace Technology. He has been working in the DevOps arena of Adobe Experience Manager for 7 years, with over 20 years of experience on Java-based web applications. He leads the Rackspace Application Services AEM team, which is a managed service provider for companies running AEM.

Brad Coleman, AEM Architect at Rackspace


Joey Smith, Director of Client Enablement and DevOps Engineering for Hoodoo Digital, joined the AEM community in 2013 after 15 years as a software engineer and systems administrator across various other platforms. A founder of and, he has a passion for getting developers to take a more active role in the long-term maintenance of the AEM platform. With experience both as an AEM partner and an AEM customer, he’s become intimately familiar with many of AEM’s more unique operational demands, which is what convinced him to come back to the agency side to help drive deeper and lasting change in the AEM community.

Joey Smith, Director, Client Enablement and DevOps Engineering for Hoodoo Digital


Tad Reeves, AEM Architect at ICF Next has worked with the AEM / CQ platform for the last 10 years, and has been involved in enterprise operations for over 20 years. As a devops engineer and architect, he’s had his hands on AEM/CQ implementations from over 40 different companies on virtually every hosting platform.

Tad Reeves, AEM Architect at ICF Next