Apache Sling Repository Initialization

DESCRIPTION: Apache Sling RepoInit has been a feature of AEM / Apache Sling for several years, but recent improvements to the language and new features in the OSGi configuration allow application developers to use Apache Sling RepoInit to configure the initial repository state.

This talk will:
-Introduce the benefits Sling Repository Initialization as a provisioning method
-Compare Sling Repository Initialization to other methods of initializing a repository
-Show how to manage permissions, configurations, and initial content using RepoInit
-Demonstrate using Sling Repository Initialization for both AEM as a Cloud Service and AEM 6
-Discuss a method for making it easier to manage Sling Repository Initialization configurations and future options

More info about Repository Initialization

This talk will be useful for AEM Technical Experts, Architects, and Developers, especially those interested in AEM as a Cloud Service.

Event Schedule

6:00 – 6:05 PM



6:05 – 6:50 PM

Daniel Klco

Repository Initialization presentation

6:50 – 7:00 PM

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Daniel Klco, Adobe Digital Marketing Technical Director at Perficient. Dan is an experienced Adobe Experience Cloud Technical Lead, Solution Architect, Consultant, and Advisor. As a PMC Member of the Apache Sling and contributor to the ACS AEM Commons projects Dan enjoys contributing to improving the AEM and Sling ecosystem. Recently, Dan has focused on the new Adobe Cloud solutions including participating in betas for Project Jaeger / Firefly, Project Skyline / AEM as a Cloud Service, and Adobe Experience Platform.

More info about Dan:

Daniel Klco

Adobe Digital Marketing Technical Director