How to Optimize Web Performance Speed & Prepare for Google’s Core Web Vitals

A Panel Discussion between Headwire, Arbory Digital, Dentsu Isobar moderated by TA Digital

In May 2020, Google announced a new program called Web Vitals, an initiative to provide unified guidance for quality signals that, we believe, are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web.

In this webinar we will answer questions like:

How will Web Vitals impact your SEO score at Google and what can you do about it?

How to improve your page speed and how to prepare for Google’s Core Web Vitals?

How to improve your SEO score and page speed to drive immediate business results?


Lokesh BS

He has over 16yrs of experience in the software industry and have led multiple enterprise digital transformation project including all of the Adobe Experience Cloud platforms and eCommerce.

Lokesh Shivalingaiah, Principal Enterprise Architect at TA Digital


Since 2000, Headwire has consistently worked in the enterprise web space, working closely with content driven organizations, agencies and CMS vendors, helping to deliver large-scale websites with far-reaching delivery and distribution needs.

RUBEN REUSSER, Founding member of Headwire Inc.

Working with CQ since 4.2i. Specializes in Performance and Security focused configurations, Has supported enterprise AEM installations on self-hosted, dedicated cloud, AWS, Azure, GCP Led major upgrades and migrations including Architect of first mobile app on AEM (MyFordMobile).

BRYCE ACER, Co-Founder and CEO at Arbory Digital

Primarily focused on providing architectural solutions for WEM, CMS with AEM and Adobe Marketing Cloud, She has over 12 years of experience and has worked with major brands across EU and US in retail, automotive, medical eCommerce and energy & utilities domain.

SHELLY GOEL, Digital Experience Platform Technologist at Dentsu Isobar