THE WEB AND BEYOND: Power of Traditional + Headless Content Management

SPEAKER: Gabriel Walt, Product manager for Web Experience Management at Adobe, Gabriel Walt is responsible for Adobe Experience Manager Sites features, like the Core Components, the Template Editor, the Style System, the Responsive Layout, the HTML Template Language, the AEM Project Archetype, among other things.

MODERATOR: Barnik Maitra, Adobe Global Community Board Member, Tech investor, Managing Partner at Arthur D Little, and Former McKinsey Partner.

ABSTRACT: Managing content across an ever-expanding set of channels using multiple content systems for different applications can be resource-intensive and expensive. Learn the best practices to reused for both headless and traditional delivery and to keep authors in control of the customer experience at all times. Understand how you’re covered for all omnichannel use-cases with AEM as a modern unified solution that can also best address SPA and PWA needs.


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